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Patient Testimonials

At the age of sixteen, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I took many medications the rheumatologist prescribed. The medications made me feel worse. I was always tired, I had pain, swelling in my joints, and fever. My mom could not stand to see me go through this, so she decided to take me off all the medications and try herbal medicine and acupuncture. I feel so much better! Now I can do what I haven’t been able to do in a long time. Thank You, Phyllis.
-Love, Georgina

Due to the stress of an extended illness I found myself having aged 10 years in the last two. After having facial acupuncture my friends and family are all telling me how great I look. They don’t know about my acupuncture.
-Georgeen B.

I first started going to the Center for Acupuncture about 15 years ago because of chronic headaches. I had been to a gamut of doctors and through a myriad of tests only to be told it was “stress”, handed a prescription for tranquilizers and pain pills and sent on my way. Not having tried any form of alternative medicine before, I skeptically but optimistically made an appointment. Within the first month the duration between headaches was longer and after four months of treatment the headaches were gone completely. Shortly after my first appointment with the Center for Acupuncture I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I have continued to use acupuncture, in concert with other on-going therapy, and firmly believe it has been instrumental in keeping my illness at a slow progression. The needles are so tiny and relatively painless that anyone considering that aspect of acupuncture an obstacle should first give thought to the beneficial aspect instead. I will be forever grateful my optimism outweighed my skepticism in making that first appointment.
-Ida C.

After having suffered for over 20 years with neck pain, acupuncture at the Center for Acupuncture has markedly improved my situation. From the very first visit I experienced relief, and with consistent treatments I have been able to maintain a virtually pain free existence. Phyllis has treated me for over a year now and I have sent several patients to her with differing ailments, with likewise positive results. With their relaxed atmosphere and calm approach, I plan on a long term relationship with the Center for Acupuncture.
Thank you Center for Acupuncture!
-Mrs. Karen M.

When I came to the Center for Acupuncture, I was depressed, diabetes was wildly out of control, my thyroid was out of whack with swings between hyper & hypo because of medication, 70-80 pounds overweight and completely devoid of energy.
Considering how long I had been in that condition, it took a very short time to regain some energy, lift depression & correct my thyroid condition. These things continue to improve even now without regular treatments, although I cannot stress enough the importance of regular treatments for a period of time.

With a dramatic change in diet, Gary motivated me to halt the sugar addiction that contributed to being diagnosed with diabetes at 40 years old. Getting diabetes under control has taken a little bit longer, but with regular treatments, I have been able to cut the amount of medication taken just for sugar control by about 70%. Thyroid medication has been eliminated completely without radiation or surgery.

To date, I have lost 40 pounds, without exercising (it would have been more weight and quicker with exercise) but that’s pretty good for a 56 year old woman. I have a much healthier outlook on life. Simply losing weight was not a goal in itself, only a by product of living a healthier life.

I sincerely believe Gary Sheets and the Center for Acupuncture has added years to my life by motivating me and showing me the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.
-Peggy R.

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